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WeightLoss Supplement

There is many a weightloss supplement on the market today and so much hype, marketing and misinformation surrounding them, it’s almost impossible to find information on a weight loss supplement and know which are useful and which are useless.

Here I will mention just a few of the different varieties of weightloss supplements to assist you in making that all important decision about which are best for you.

The two categories of supplements are prescription and non-prescription. More and more supplements are being classified as prescription only under FDA regulation. They are really cracking down on these sorts of products due to the number of phony and ineffective supplements available, particularly online.

Some examples of prescription weight loss pills include Xenical/Orlistat, Phentermine/Fentermine and Meridia/Sibutramine. These drugs are very closely regulated by the FDA and are only prescribed to patients after they undergo a serious of tests and suitability surveys.

These are in fact considered weight loss drugs. Weightloss supplements, the non-prescription variety, include things like Ephedra which has recently been banned in some countries. Ephedra is a very powerful supplement which is often misused; therefore the FDA began issuing warnings about it.

Ephedra-free weightloss supplement s have now hit the market, with manufacturers wanting to cash in on the wave of negative press against Ephedra.

Most prescription weight loss pills or supplements are meant to be used as treatment for obesity, not just to lose a few pounds. Weightloss supplement s are needed for obese people as their life is often at risk. On the contrary, cosmetic weight loss does not benefit from a weightloss supplement or pill; they can actually end up doing more harm than good.

A weightloss supplement should be taken in conjunction with a proper balanced diet. You will simply not lose weight in a healthy manner if your diet is not up to scratch regardless of which weight loss dietary supplement or pill you are taking!

Many studies have shown that long term weight loss is never achieved simply by taking supplements or pills. The only people who keep weight off are those who maintain a sensible diet as outlined by their nutritionist.

Losing Weight Healthy

The best weight loss is losing weight healthy. It’s easy to lose weight in an unhealthy and even dangerous manner, but obviously this is not the way to go about achieving that ideal shape you’ve always dreamed of.

Healthy weight loss may take a little longer than fad diets and dangerous pills, but rest assured that your results will be long term and safe for your body.

You can achieve healthy weight loss by adhering to a few simple rules and ideas. These include not completely changing your diet, but minimizing the bad in your diet. This means that instead of eating full fat products, try salt reduced versions.

Just about everything comes in low fat, low salt and low cholesterol versions these days. You’d be surprised at just how many adjustments you can make by purchasing these products rather than their full fat versions.

This alone will not make you lose a lot of weight; however it is the healthier choice anyway. You want to minimize things like salt and bad fats in your diet and this is the first step in that direction.

The second way to losing weight healthy is to set a rule for yourself that 75% of your dinner meal will be vegetables. This means you will be getting all the benefits of vegetables including filling up on them. 25% of your meal will be meat or fish which are essential for vitamin intake.

Daily physical activity is of course a major part of healthy weight loss. You don’t have to run a marathon daily, but ensure you do something. This simply means walking, taking the stairs or doing house work. Whatever gets your blood pumping. Exercise need not be a chore nor should it be too time consuming.

These tips are very simply methods of losing weight healthy. No diets, no pills. This is the way to keep weight off for life.

Good luck!